Mushroom Walk, Sep 10


Mushroom Walk, Sep 10


This 3-hour course will include walking the woods to find edible mushrooms along with detailed descriptions of habitat and structure of mushrooms. David Spahr has collected edible mushrooms for 40 plus years. He is a member of the Maine Mycological Society and the North American Mycological Assoc. He is on the Maine Mushroom Task Force developing rules for the foraging and sale of wild mushrooms. Every walk bears a different bounty depending on the weather as much as location. The majority of the mushrooms found in nature are often not edible, but learning this element is even more important than knowing which ones to eat. David’s depth of experience really shows in that he is a walking mycological encyclopedia.

Students will meet at Long Branch School, 25 Main St, Bowdoinham at 12:45. After everyone has arrived, there will be a short drive to the property on Bay Road.

Please Note - This is a moderate hike in the woods that will include some rather steep terrain. If you have any health or mobility concerns, consider our far less strenuous foraging walk instead. Thanks.

Supplies to Bring: Notebook and pen to take notes on your finds is very useful. A GPS may be an even better solution.

-Basket, mesh or other bags, wax or brown paper bags -Knife, bug repellant and hat -Water or other refreshment and a snack -Gloves, waterproof boots (preferred), Tall socks you can tuck your pant legs -Optional: vest with pockets or backpack, field guide, magnifying glass

Sunday, September 10th, 2017, 1 pm to 4 pm

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Instructor: David Spahr

Please note that the mushroom walks are moderate level hikes through the woods and include climbing up inclines, rough terrain, and a fair amount of distance. We do not recommend this class for anyone with health or mobility issues. Please consider our foraging walks instead which take place primarily in an open field and will include some mushrooms.