Intro to Chair Caning, March 25, 2018


Intro to Chair Caning, March 25, 2018


This is a hands on two-part class where individuals bring there own chair.  The general course outline is:

* A brief history of chairs and chair caning
* An introduction to weaving materials, sources and uses.
* An introduction to tolls used and useful in the caning process
* Project preparation-cleaning, restoration, etc.
* Choosing the appropriate cane size
* Selecting cane grain direction
* The seven step weaving technique
* Care and finishing of cane seats.


This course focuses on chair caning, specifically, using the natural canal harvesting form, the Ratten Palm tree, the traditional material used for weaving chair seats. It is intended to introduce weavers to the materials, tools, and techniques for restoring broken seats.  The first session of the course, the student should bring in their chair for evaluation and preparation.   The instructor will evaluate the chair and give the student guidance for his or her project in addition to the overview of caning fundamentals.  In the second session, the students will return with their chair and continue work on their project.  Collectively, the class will share in the knowledge for the various projects. Begins Sunday March 25th from 1 to 3 pm, then meets again on Sunday, April 8th at the same time.

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